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TheDomainz.com is home to a diverse portfolio of premium domain names, and each of the domainz you see below is for sale! Simply send an email to and include the domain or domains you're interested in purchasing along with an offer price in U.S. dollars. If the offer is satisfactory, the domain name will be listed in a 10-day public auction on Ebay. Otherwise, you will receive a counter-offer (or a polite but firm "no" if a sale is not possible or if you make threats of any kind). But here's the best part; 10% of proceeds from all domain sales go to UNICEF's Tap Project. Be sure to follow us on Twitter for updates and new domains: http://www.twitter.com/the_domainz

Domain Category(ies) Notes
BillMurray.rip People Sad but true: beloved actor & comedian Bill Murray is getting up there in years. Prove you're the "Ground HOg Day" star's #1 fan by being ready with an online tribute. Keep Calm and Chive On!
Blingray.com Brandable Calling all entrepreneurs! Could this simple, catchy word be the perfect name for your new product or service?
Blockchain.digital Internet/Tech Bitcoins are the future of currency and online e-Commerce, so why not make this tech-savvy domain yours today?
Bubungo.com Humor What is bubungo? I don't know, but it sure is fun to say! Make your comedy blog or meme website a reality with this one-of-a-kind name.
Candy.casino Entertainment Feeling lucky? The word "candy" is synanonymous with casual gaming. Get this amazing domain today!
Cuck.republican Politics/Adult Sick of the establishment conservatives that continue to let us down? Use this unique domain to give Washington a piece of your mind!
Cabo.mex.com Travel Mexico's numbero uno vacation destination! Me Gusta Cabo!
Dogs.us.com Lifestyle The only thing more American than baseball and apple pie, is man's best friend. Get this incredible domain for your pet-related blog or business today!
DragHer.com Other Got somebody you want to drag through the mud? There's a domain for that!
FaceSwapApp.com Internet/Tech Be a part of social media's hilarious new face-swapping trend!
Land.eu.com Regional/Business Mama mia! Real Estate is seeing an upward trend in Europe! Let this awesome domain lay the foundation for your online presence!
Metizolam.com Science Metizolam is the newest "legal high" to hit the market, similar to other benzos such as clonazepam. HOT HOT HOT!
NHS.wiki Society The UK's socialist healthcare system can be a beaurocratic nightmare. Why not do your fellow blokes and lasses a favor: make a Wiki for it!
VolCel.com Lifestyle Are you voluntarily celebate (volcel)? Want to share your passion for celibacy with the world? Snatch up this great domain today!
4YRU.com Education Four-character domains are hot! Use this domain to promote your 4-year university's website, or just add it to your investment portfolio. This one will be going fast!

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